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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

There are Poker Gods... And they like me... Sometimes

Well this was my 1st time going to Hawaiian Gardens Casino since about June 05. I entered the No-Limit tournment they have on Mondays to try some of my new found skills. I found out a few things about my new skills in this tournment,
1- Unlimited rebuys will not tell you how good you are, They tell you how lucky you are. (I was not very lucky)
2- I at least know when to let go of a hand when I'm beat. (Harder than you think)
3- I still need to learn a lot more
This tournment is a $20/$10 with unlimited $10 rebuys the 1st 2 levels, after that you can add 2 add ons for $10 each. You only start with $300 in chips and the rebuys are for $10 gets you $300
in tournment chips. The 1st 2 levels are 30 minutes and all others are 20 minutes. The Add on is for $10 gets you $500 in chips and you can buy 2. The blind go fast and in the first 2 levels it just play anything poker. I had to rebuy 4 times + 2 add ons. The last 2 rebuys were for going bust against a river runner. By the end of the 2nd level I was almost even. The 3rd level kicked my ass. Had to dump good hands pre-flop when I was re-raised and that cost me 1/2 of my stack. I finally went all in with A10 off and was called by KK. I flopped the Ace, the turn gave me a 10, but the river gave him his 4th heart to go with his KH to give him the flush. The poker gods taketh away.

I decided to drown my sorrows in a 4-8 limit 1/2 kill game. It was juicy to say the least. Was never down more than 40 of my 180 buy in. The big story was 2 players hit the bad Beat jackpot for 100,000! Pocket J's made quads, and Pocket A's made Aces full of Jacks on the river. My share was $2853 and that will be my stake in poker this year. I'm going to try the grinding out and see if I can make it. Wish me luck all.


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